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Cloudjet Solutions is founded upon the belief of accurate performance evaluation and improvement of quality of human resource are among essential factors accelerate growth of local and global businesses. Our process of integrating world advanced technology and insight from leading strategic management specialists has brought to the market 2 performance optimization technlogy solutions: Cloudjet KPI & Cloudjet SaleUp

Through our strategic solution Cloudjet KPI, we aspire to “bring superior competitive advantage to company’s system of human resource” by placing employees in the central of every strategy, providing them with a comprehensive solution, friendly and effective in order to enable continuous improvement. Our passion drives us to develop a solution to enable recognition and fair reward for all right effort and contribute to a culture of integrity where every employee feels motivated to contribute and strive harder each day

The development of Cloudjet SaleUp has marked an advancement in sales and customer service process. It is believed that our simple but effective features valuable for Customer relationship management process will leverage the pressure of sales targets and strategy for business. Cloudjet SaleUp will support businesses effectively from sales process management, project progress monitoring as well as analytics and report of sales data, all are essentials to an effective sales machine.

Last but not least, Cloudjet Solutions is proud of their team of young professionals who are creative, entrepreneurial and dedicated in continuous improvement to bring out the best intellectual products for business.

Cloudjet Core Values

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